INFOGRAPHIC: What's next for business intelligence?

In the last year, there's been a lot of hype around data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Domo and Birst and other BI data and analytics software.

However, across the entire business intelligence landscape there are many other players in the ecosystem such as global content and premium content providers, content marketplaces, media monitoring firms and enterprise software providers which integrate into intranets and CRM platforms.

The key challenge for insights teams, research and knowledge managers is how to access the volume of information integrated across all platforms, to analyse and make sense of this data to collaborate and share ideas with senior executives and teams.

Business Intelligence as a content hub?

One of the major trends we are seeing within the business intelligence industry, is how these services and platforms can be plugged into one centralised content hub, allowing super users to access all external (free-to-air news providers, premium content) and internal feeds in the one place.

This shift from on-premise to cloud-based software is making this transition easier for enterprises to access their information and data, specially gaining control of their own taxonomy and content discovery workflow.

Below is an overview of BI landscape and how each service can be plugged into a cloud-based platform, such as our business intelligence platform EditorEye.


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