What can corporates learn from publishers?

You may have heard the phase “You need to think like a publisher!” before - especially in relation to your content marketing strategy. In today’s digital world, companies are creating more content - blog posts, social media updates, images and videos - than ever before. Essentially corporate companies are becoming media organisations with their own publishing arms.

With the volume of internal and external content produced and published, companies need to think like publisher to maximise the amount of information which is passed through their company every day.

But how do you unlock the value of your content? By using a knowledge management platform, like EditorEye, to search and distribute content using your company’s own taxonomy.

The importance of information governance

Companies can also leverage their own internal and external sources to extract key insights and knowledge for their teams. This can be done via information governance. Specially curation tools such as newsletters, live alerts etc, enables passive users to take a step back, and have information feed to them, so they can quickly make strategic business decisions for the company.

Understanding your metrics

Knowledge management is a way to leverage the information within your company. By exposing the experts within your organisation, connect and share knowledge within your company.

Key takeaways

These key learnings can be applied in various ways to your company by enabling a unified intelligence system for all the content and information which circulates within your organisation.