Netflix vs HBO: Online Entertainment Trends

It’s official, Netflix is the Blockbuster for the digital generation. After releasing its latest quarterly figures last week, Netflix has hit the milestone of 100 million users. We’ve been using Catalyst to track online entertainment trends and growth of the video streaming industry and digital disruption by Netflix and HBO.

In a recent report by Sensor Tower, Netflix was the number 1 app downloaded overall, with the Top 10 including online music and video streaming services, dating apps and messaging apps.

The current trend for online video streaming isn’t slowing down, especially when it comes to online piracy. This week cult HBO series Game of Thrones returned and the latest data shows it was illegally downloaded over 90 million times.

For the major television networks, the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online streaming services signals the need to produce unique content for an audience who is willing to pay for content (or they will find it elsewhere) via their smart phone, laptop or connected TV.

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The Growth of Netflix and Video On Demand

For the first time ever, Netflix has more international rather than US subscribers. Investing in original content has been the defining strategy for attracting new subscribers to the platform with both Netflix and HBO leading this year’s Emmy nominations.

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