Digital Transformation of Internet of Things

In recent years, the Internet of Things has grown to be one of the most disruptive spaces, with start-ups such as Netatmo, AliveCar, Spark and Tile shaking up the industry. The impact of the IoT technology is creating new opportunities for brands and large corporates, to early stage start-ups, who are taking advantage of connected devices, new data and new ways to improve the lives of consumers and businesses services alike. It’s exciting to see how the latest IoT technologies are changing the way we live, work and play. Especially after this week’s acquisition of UK-based ARM Holdings, the chip designer, for £24bn by Japan’s Softbank. According to research by BI Intelligence, there will be 24 billion IoT devices installed by 2020. Which is a staggering number, accelerated by the digital disruption across all industry sectors.

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Connected homes driving the opportunity for innovation

The connected home is hottest area for innovation and Centrica Connected Home has been innovating in this area with Hive, the smart thermostat and app. With a crowded market, the Hive team need to stay up-to-date with latest market innovations, competitors and industry news across IoT, smart homes and connected devices. The Hive team used EditorEye Catalyst to track IoT innovations in the market, you can read more about their experience here.

IoT Start-ups To Watch

The Internet of Things is disrupting all areas of our lives. From wearable tech, which can monitor everything from distance walked to heart pressure, to smart home devices that can control the temperature of your home, lighting controls and security systems.See below the cutting edge start-ups disrupting the home, health, lifestyle sectors and beyond

Catalyst monitors key developments and trends on disruptive IoT companies:

Amazon Echo

  • Amazon Echo can actually order things now [Link]
  • Venstar ColorTouch thermostats get Amazon Echo control [Link]
  • Amazon Tipped to Sell 2.5M-3m Echo Speakers in 2016 [Link]
  • Spotify and Pandora officially arrive on Amazon Echo [Link]


  • Researchers develop Fitbit IoT innovation that monitors health of plants [Link]
  • New Fitbit duo in testing – set for launch at IFA 2016 [Link]
  • Is Fitbit Facing The Fight Of Its Life? [Link]
  • Fitbit partners with Institute for breast cancer research [Link]


  • GoPro has added former NBCU exec Zalaznick to its board [Link]
  • New mirrored lens turns a GoPro into an inexpensive 360-degree camera [Link]
  • GoPro announces new backpack and two bike mounts [Link]
  • Hands-free GoPro-control system has some real bite [Link]


  • Hive launches smart and affordable LED light bulb [Link]
  • British Gas distances itself from the big six as it talks up role as a service provider [Link]
  • British Gas in free one-day energy deal to promote smart meters [Link]
  • Hive launches ‘Honeycomb’ smart home products [Link]


  • Pebble adds 2 new Time Round watch designs to refuel its Kickstarter campaign [Link]
  • Pebble’s third Kickstarter ends with $12.8M raised, $7.5M less than last year [Link]
  • Pebble owners can finally send text messages from their watch [Link]
  • Pay with your Pebble watch with the Pagare strap [Link]

How the corporate giants are innovating with IoT


This year Nokia Growth Partners announced a $350M fund focused on IoT. NGP invests on growth stage Internet of Things and mobile technology companies, specifically across connected cars, digital health, connected enterprise and consumer solutions.

This week NGP has invested $10m into health startup Lifesum, which tracks what you eat and your exercise, through your mobile phone.


Cisco Investments, the company’s corporate venture arm, focusses on IoT and connected network technologies, has committed to $1bn investment in UK tech including $150m for IoT start-ups.

Cisco has also launched the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge 2016, which invites start-ups and entrepreneurs to submit ideas or solutions that demonstrate how the Internet of Things can improve education, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, smart cities, retail, cyber-security and infrastructure.


Ericsson has launched an IoT Accelerator programme to nurture the next generation of Internet of Things and connected devices. As part of the initiative, Ericsson has also partnered with Sigma, to offer the Ericsson IoT application platform.

The potential for Internet of Things and connected devices has opened up new ways to connect the online world with physical objects and appliances. In order to compete in a fast-moving world, large organizations need to be aware of the latest disruptive tech and IoT trends – which can no longer be ignored – to stay competitive and bring new innovative products to market.

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InsuranceTech Definitions

1) Home: IoT devices that focus on the home, these may include: home security such a cameras, energy management via thermostats and home automation too.

2) User interface: Devices which allow you to control other IoT products, for example via mobile apps.

3) City and Infrastructure: Technology that can be used in the city.

4) Platforms and Components: These devices and connectivity systems allow for machine to machine communication.

5) Health/Fitness: Products which offer health and fitness solution, via different ways including tracking.

6) Enterprise: Technology with a focus o enterprise uses and applications.

7) Wearables: Smart products who boast of having technology integrating, thus allowing sensors and connectivity

8) Tags and Trackers: Wireless tags used to track devices. These are used by attaching them to personal belongings such as phones and keys.

9) Retail: Devices which you can physically used in retail, such as beacons.

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