Death of the High Street? RetailTech Insights

The face of retail is changing and our Catalyst platform has been tracking trends in the e-Commerce and RetailTech insights. The world’s first Smart Street launched in London inviting visitors to experience a “traffic free, sustainable, innovative and experiential outdoor retail and leisure space.The high street shopping experience will be different in the future. Recent figures show that brick and mortar stores are closing at an unprecedented rate.The chart below shows the number of US retail stores closing this year.e-Commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba are dominating the market, providing mobile-first shopping experiences for the digital consumer. Retailers are now playing catch up and using technology to capture the imagination of consumers and transform their business.Read more about Smart Street here.

Source: Business Insider May 2017
How Retail Brands Are Innovating With New Technology
You can read some of the latest insights below tracked via Catalyst.

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