Future Of Work: How AI is Disrupting Work / Life

The robots are coming! New research by Narrative Science, predicted that 62% of organisations will be using artificial intelligence solutions by 2018. The concept of AI may seem revolutionary, but it is something which is already present in our day-to-day lives. Apple’s Siri will soon be upgraded, enabling iPhone users to interact with a number of third party apps such as message bots, photo search, personal payments and more.Other examples of everyday use of AI include the smart home. Smart thermostats now include the ability to learn your behavioural patterns, learning your daily routine, saving you energy and money on your monthly bill.Further key findings of the survey includes:

  • 26% are currently using AI technologies to automate manual, repetitive tasks, up from 15% in 2015
  • 25% are using automated written reporting and communications
  • 27% see automation of manual and repetitive tasks as the most important benefit of an AI solution
  • 61% of enterprises with an innovation strategy are applying AI to their data to find previously missed opportunities such as process improvements or new revenue streams

At EditorEye, we’re already using AI and machine learning technologies to help our clients solve the knowledge challenge for the enterprise. You can read more about how Catalyst uses artificial intelligence here.

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AI Startups To WatchAI is disrupting all areas of our life, and there is still so much more explore. From machine learning applications, virtual personal assistants to smart robots, the future is already here.See below the cutting edge startups disrupting the machine learning, computer vision, NLP sectors and beyond.


Catalyst by EditorEye monitors key developments and trends on disruptive AI companies and startups:


  • SwiftKey Keyboard App for Android Gets an Update to Re-Enable Cloud Sync [Link]
  • Swiftkey cloud sync glitch causes strangers’ personal details to appear as predictions [Link]
  • Swiftkey launches emoji-predicting Swiftmoji keyboard for Android and iOS [Link]
  • SwiftKey beta gives you access to your clipboard from the keyboard [Link]


  • iRobot Stock Rises As Dyson Releases Competing Robot Vacuum [Link]
  • New robot mop is smart, cheap and will get you hooked on comsumables [Link]
  • iRobot’s new Roomba 960 brings the truly autonomous vacuum (closer) to the masses [Link]
  • What iRobot’s partnership with Amazon will mean for the future of connected robots [Link]
  • iRobot: Time To Ride The Exponential Potential Of Robotics [Link]

Digital Reasoning

  • Digital Reasoning Strengthens its Cognitive Computing Platform [Link]
  • Digital Reasoning Unveils Latest Cognitive Computing Platform Synthesis 4 [Link]
  • Digital Reasoning Raises $40M in Series D Funding [Link]
  • Nasdaq and Digital Reasoning Establish Exclusive Alliance to Deliver Holistic Next Generation Surveillance and Monitoring Technology [Link]


  • Inbenta Chatbot Creation Platform Enables Artificial Intelligence Customer Support [Link]
  • Inbenta’s Intelligent Search Platform Adds Northern European Languages [Link]
  • Inbenta Launches Hybrid Chat, Integrating Live Chat with Artificial Intelligence [Link]
  • Inbenta helps customers help themselves with AI-powered, intelligent search [Link]
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How the corporate players are taking advantage of AI

IBM Watson


Watson is IBM’s flagship omni-channel cognitive solution, which uses a combination of powerful big data analytics and natural language comprehension to ‘think’ like a human brain. With the ability to scan up to 40 million documents in 15 seconds, coupled with the ability to understand ‘complex’ queries, Watson can find answers to problems faced by any industry and present them in an easily presentable format – some of the major applications include rapid, comprehensive diagnosis within the health industry, or revolutionising the way we practice law by scanning millions of case studies and presenting a readable, compelling argument.

Google DeepMind


DeepMind is an artificial intelligence company which uses the best from both machine learning and systems neuroscience in order to build powerful learning algorithms.

It broke the news a few months ago when Google DeepMind’s child AlphaGo was able to defeat legendary Go player Se-dol in what came as an unprecedented victory. Go is an ancient Chinese board game and one of the biggest challenges faced by AI due to the strategic planning nature of the game.

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