Analytics and AI: Solving The Knowledge Challenge For The Enterprise

Modern technology is leading us into a new digital age, with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) becoming the driving force behind innovation in the workplace.

To stay competitive, companies need to keep up with the latest developments and disruptive trends for lead generation, client engagement and awareness of market innovations.

For many large organizations, they have a dedicated knowledge team to manage complex information systems, in addition to curating knowledge about the business activity on behalf of the organization, its clients, its employees and partners.

In the past, this has been a manual process, with information teams tagging and indexing content on the legacy knowledge management systems.

However by leveraging new technologies such as machine learning and AI (in addition to content analytics), you can increase workplace efficiency, without losing the "human touch" for curation of critical business insights.

New technologies such as AI can transform your intelligence strategy by:

  • Refining live alerts, so they from the best sources available on the Topic, with highly relevant insights
  • Semi-automated weekly newsletters with "light touch" curation tools
  • Analytics to view your content usage, and match people within your organisation who may have shared interests on a particular Topic, driving ideas generation and collaborative learning

The Building Blocks To Automated Content Delivery

The advantage of combining AI and machine learning technologies with your business information tools, enables your business to automatically deliver insight to your senior executives, without relying on your team of researchers to spend hours searching for information.

For knowledge teams, their biggest challenge is to improve article relevancy and automate workflow across all content sources available. Their main objective is to either automate or semi-automate the newsletter curation process, and deliver these insights into existing CRM / team collaboration platforms. They are also looking for new ways to identify the experts within their organizations, to improve knowledge transfer between teams and business silos.

At EditorEye, we use several "building blocks" to deliver automated content across the organization, therefore improving the process of curation into newsletters, PDFs or Feeds.

1. Source Fingerprint

Measures the focus a source puts on a selected Topic in its editorial.


2. Source Ranking

Articles and sources are ranked on the platform based on relevancy.


3. Source Usage

Monitors all article clicks by users, to rank both sources and individual articles.


The combination of all three "building blocks" results in relevant content being delivered to your senior executives via the Catalyst platform.


An example of how this works is the Newsletter Builder tool, which enables executives to quickly and easily select relevant stories, write a short introduction and additional commentary, then drag and drop the stories into the newsletter template and distribute weekly intelligence briefings all from one platform.


Executives can also set up Live Alerts to receive an automated briefing of latest news and developments and share PDF Reports with their team, clients and partners.

The PDF Report is especially useful for executive briefings, where you can share a selection of articles with a title and tailored introduction, to promote thought leadership with your key stakeholders, clients and team.

How The Catalyst Recommendation Engine Works

The platform can also help match experts within your organization to encourage team collaboration across different business divisions and knowledge sharing for innovation teams.

The platform helps executives to find other topics that are relevant to them, and identify others who are researching similar topics collaborate on ideas and new insights.

For example Kate is the Innovation Director for a global automobile company, and is tracking the latest news, product launches and partnership deals on electric vehicle market. John is the Senior Sales Director within the same company, and has been following key developments on Tesla. The Catalyst platform "matches" Kate and John based on their similar interests, so they can share their knowledge and expertise on the Topic.


The advancements of artificial intelligence and machine learning is making the jobs of information and research teams easier. As technology continues to innovate, platforms such as Catalyst does all the hard work for you - from indexing, tagging key sources and automating content delivery, so your senior executives can focus on delivering insights and staying informed on the latest developments and news across their industry.

Catalyst by EditorEye is the leading executive intelligence platform which delivers insights to senior management teams, so they can drive new business leads, engage clients, track disruptive innovation and become more effective in their roles. Get in touch via to learn more.