Introducing Catalyst & Fusion Toolkit

How do you keep up-to-date with breaking news, events and changes in your market?With so many information sources available – from global news, premium content, internal documents and business data – it can be difficult to separate the signals from the noise.

The real challenge for business leaders today provides their senior executives with the best intelligence available, so they can make business-critical decisions, whilst remaining one step ahead of the competition. This is where we can help.

Our technology helps large enterprises – with access to multiple information sources – deliver key insights to their senior professionals, so they can excel and compete in an ever-changing market.

We do this by providing an intelligence platform and API toolkit to connect all your information sources in one place.

At EditorEye, we evolve with you.

Unlike our competitors, we take a different approach to information management, and deliver personalized insights either via our Catalyst platform or Fusion Toolkit, giving you the power to control how information flows within your organization.

You can see how our technology works below:


Our technology is proven to improve productivity, increase engagement with existing clients and partners, and generate new prospects and revenues.


Our Catalyst platform centralizes all your preferred sources, delivering insights via live alerts, curated news briefings and RSS feeds; ensuring you are always aware of and able to react to new threats and opportunities the market presents.

  • Topic Builder
  • Live Alert Manager
  • Newsletter & Report Builder
  • Source List Management
  • Group Management
  • Access Control and Single Sign-On
  • Analytics Dashboard

altImage: Catalyst Platform

Connecting To Our API

Our API provides a dedicated toolset for aggregating, tagging and delivering rich content, alerts and usage analytics into your existing enterprise applications i.e. Sharepoint, Salesfore, Jive, Company intranet etc

  • API for content feeds into applications
  • API for calling Topics, Source Lists
  • Widgets
  • Dashboards
  • Pre-built Connectors for CRM, Intranets, Mobile
  • Analytics Suite

You can learn more about each product here.

If you’re an organization with access to multiple sources, then get in touch via EditorEye Catalyst and EditorEye Fusion are available for an immediate pilot.

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