Content Management Tools That Really Can Deliver

As part of the Jinfo Topic Series “All About Usage ­From Content Sharing to Data Mining”, Contributing Editor, Dale Moore has been taking a look at content management tools for information professionals.

Jinfo is one of the key analyst voices in the information sector and EditorEye was delighted to be part of this review.

Our own COO, Jeremy Phillips shared his thoughts on the challenges facing knowledge workers today, particularly around the personalisation of content, with relevant information being pushed to end users.

“The passive masses are generally leaning on their knowledge worker colleagues to extract content from information sources. Either they are simply unaware which sources are available, or they do not have the time or inclination to do their own research.

“This gets worse the more information becomes available, putting a huge amount of pressure on those knowledge workers.” What end ­users want ” … is to be pushed the right information, personalised to their needs ­and in many cases the user does not even want to do their own personalisation!”

For those with a subscription to Jinfo, you can read the full article here.

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