EditorEye Reviewed By Jinfo Information Source

In building EditorEye as a standalone software business we have focused on how we can use our cloud-based technology to transform how Knowledge Management works within large enterprises. We integrate previously disparate external and internal content & data sources in one place and have worked with knowledge teams to build tools into a single product suite that delivers intelligence the way their end-users actually want it.We were therefore delighted when our platform was recognised a couple weeks ago by Jinfo as a next generation tool for knowledge managers and large organisations. Jinfo is one of the key analyst voices in the information sector and EditorEye was reviewed in a four part series by the contributing editor, Sophie Alexander.

“EditorEye would be a useful addition for any organisation wanting relevant content to help with key business decision-making actions.” ~ Sophie Alexander, Jinfo

For those of you with access do check out the full report detail:

Part 1: Introduction; Value; Contact Details
Part 2: Sources; Content & Coverage
Part 3: Technology; Search & User Interface; Outputs & Alerts; Administration & Help
Part 4: Competitors; Development & Pricing

It’s a privilege for our platform and team to be recognised by the Jinfo analysts, and a testament to where we believe knowledge management is heading quickly – in terms of unified access to all intelligence (see our “Uber for BI?” post) across the enterprise.

If you’re considering an Enterprise Content Hub solution for your organisation, do contact us for a demo by our team info@editoreye.com.

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