The Key to Knowledge Management Success

Knowledge management plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of your company. It serves as the backbone of any organisation and if you get it right, it is the driving force behind all key business decision-making activities.

In this blog post we’re going to take a quick look at what makes knowledge management work – combining people, processes and adoption of technology. Or putting it another way, how:

People + Processes + Technology = Intelligence

Let’s look at each component in turn..



The people

No organisation can succeed without investing time and energy in its company culture. A majority of your organisational knowledge lies within your people – if you encourage a collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture, you’ll reap the rewards.

How to do this is a much longer subject for discussion! But suffice to say, if you encourage your people to think and work as teams, motivate them to share and their innovative skills with each other, and clearly communicate the organisation’s vision, you’ll be well on the way.

A company becomes an active community when knowledge management plays an essential role in engaging your employees, consolidating and surfacing information to be shared within teams. Knowledge management can also help to surface and connect the experts within your community, further accelerating the pace of innovation across your company.

The processes

Simply investing in your people won’t help you reach your business goals. Knowledge grows and expands through well planned procedures and processes such as KM maps, workflows, CoP and knowledge sharing methods. Boring? No – absolutely essential!

These processes lay down the flow of knowledge for different core areas of the organisation – marketing, sales, R&D, compliance etc

It’s all in the detail – how exactly information is gathered externally and internally, how it is curated and organised, and how it is surfaced to the right people at the right time to support business decision-making.

One key process point that we spend a lot of time thinking about here at EditorEye is how to get the man/machine balance right. Some workflow processes are best done at scale by a machine, other processes need a human, intuitive touch. And for as long as machines are less intelligent than humans, we’re going to be working on getting that balance right!

The technology

Once you have defined the process, the key to knowledge management success is providing tools to effectively share information within the organisation.

Many enterprises and large organisations have access to information across several providers including global news feeds premium subscriptions and other licensed content. For knowledge managers, this can take a lot of time to search for relevant information.

Using EditorEye’s, cloud-based knowledge management platform, we offer a central content hub. Essentially, we hand the keys to knowledge managers and they can set-up their own search topics with their organisation’s taxonomy.

By customising the process, we save knowledge teams the time searching for information across various sources. They can control their own content discovery, empowering knowledge managers to create and edit their own newsletters, plus manage alerts for both internal and external communication and the analytics tools to discover the experts within their organisation.

The Key to KM Success?

Empowered by the knowledge of your community, and armed with the right tools to extract relevant information – from news, insights and content – guarantees improved performance, faster business decision-making and ultimately success for your knowledge management strategy!

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