How To Use Business Intelligence To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Looking for new ways to sell your product and services, from content marketing, customer referrals and cold calling, is a major part of attracting new sales opportunities for your company.

Business intelligence tools can help you gain the competitive edge by analysing information across your company (including internal and external sources) to track and monitor your competitors, people moves, contract wins and key market trends.

Sharing this information with your sales teams can help them convert these 'triggers' into fresh leads, generate new opportunities and ultimately help you and your business stay ahead of the game!


(1) Tracking your competitors

Set up a specific topic which monitors news about your competitors. Using a content hub, such as EditorEye, you can monitor all free-to-air news channels and niche paid-for subscriptions. It provides a 360 degree view of how your competitors are being perceived in the media and by industry influencers, plus assists with strategic sales decisions.

i.e. When a competitor launches a new product, an alert can be sent to your sales team. They can use this information to appropriately position your product and to continue to define its USP. i.e. ''We are different because the platform integrates into XYZ unlike [your competitor]'s product.''

(2) Learn about people moves

Knowing when key decision makers are appointed to new roles or move companies is vital when your sales team is targeting new business leads. When this information is shared with your sales teams, it builds momentum within the sales cycle by triggering new opportunities to secure business and sales.

i.e. When a senior decision maker changes roles, this information can be updated within your CRM system to avoid wasting time when make new business inquires and securing new leads.

(3) Recent contract wins

Your clients and partners may not always brief you on new contract wins and partnerships. Using business intelligence to monitor and receive alerts gives your sales team a 'heads up' when this news breaks.

i.e. If your client wins a new contract, your sales team can use this trigger to up-sell your product with this new information.

(4) Staying up-to-date with market trends and data

Sharing market trends and new data gives your sales team the latest insights into your industry, and they can use this information to refine their sales pitch and to reflect current market opportunities.

i.e. Sending new research reports to your sales team, keeps them up-to-date with market trends and they can use these statistics to engage with prospective clients and new business leads.

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