EditorEye Pleased To Be Featured On DotRising

We’re pleased to be featured on dotRising as the new streamlined business intelligence tool to gather and share digital insights for busy marketers.

.rising is a digital publication that provides the latest news and insights for digital marketing professionals on the latest industry trends

Shifting away from intrusive ads, marketers are spending more on content marketing formats and it’s not just brands targeting consumers, companies are also heavily investing in content delivery tools. dotRising, together with Kurtosys found that 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than a year ago. It all comes down to the ability to be more transparent, efficient and productive due to an increasing number of technologies that are emerging to let brands to create, curate and distribute content easily.

EditorEye’s vision is to allow business professionals to systematically discover and distribute key content both internally into teams within an organization or externally to audiences as content marketing.

“The tool is capable of tracking new product developments and potential investments or partnerships in any industry area – acting as a reliable ear on the ground in a fast-changing world, making it easier to explore business development or product ideas, with a full illustration of the wider industry – based on competitor actions, client news and market commentators.” dotRising

Contact us on info@editoreye.com for more information or to discuss software partnership opportunities.