Key Content Intelligence Deals In The Past 3 Months

The rumour that only decision-making managers need access to business intelligence tools stems from the hierarchical view of an old enterprise. In today’s world of information overload, having rapid access to the right content and data is crucial to businesses across the entire organisation, from executives to sales teams to marketing and e-commerce platforms.

At EditorEye we operate in just a fraction of the content ecosystem, providing business intelligence tools for clients to systematically distribute personalised insights via intelligence alerts and newsletters but we increasingly now collaborate with a host of our “content cousins” across the market as partners. The overall content intelligence ecosystem is expanding dramatically with new categories, new social sources, data analytics applications and new business models – all aiming to replace large-scale legacy information systems and old approaches.

Trying to keep up is never easy so we have filters monitoring the market categories closely and tracking all the hot companies, new partnerships and investments and each month will be coming up with a summary “map” of the market for where the hot money is going.

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This is our first attempt and I am sure we have missed one or two! Just get in touch and we’ll check out recommendations – we are always keen to hear about new technologies, especially those we might team up.

Companies in this month’s analysis: Mattermark, idio, Metric Insights, Huddle, attn., Crowdynews, Red Ventures, P97 Networks, Redbooth, Scripted, Evernote, Confluent, ZergNet, Slack, Business Insider, Mashable, Palantir, Jandi, Sentient Technologies, Boost Media

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